Topic: "Perpetual Inventory"

ABC Analysis and Inventory Optimization

June 7th 2012

The goal of effective inventory management is to “meet or exceed your customers’ expectations of product availability with the amount of each item that will maximize your net profits.”  But do all of the items you stock contribute equally to achieving this goal?  Ask yourself: Do we stock products that other firms also offer and […]

Perpetual Inventory in Distribution

May 23rd 2012

Increased Efficiency with Perpetual Inventory Management The distribution industry faces a number of challenges in both inventory and warehouse management. Under the pressures of tighter budgets and cost constraints, the idea of losses because of poor inventory accuracy makes managers cringe. Distribution expert Jon Schreibfeder discusses the challenges and inefficiencies that a lack of perpetual […]

What is perpetual inventory

On Demand Webinar: Achieving Accurate Perpetual Inventory

May 22nd 2012

Software ThinkTank’s Effective Inventory Management Expert, Jon Schreibfeder, discusses what is perpetual inventory and how your business will benefit from keeping an accurate perpetual inventory balance.

Achieving Perpetual Inventory in Your Distribution Business

May 17th 2012

Maintaining an accurate perpetual inventory is critical to the success of your distribution business. If the quantities in your computer system do not agree with what is actually on the shelf in your warehouse you are forced to overstock in order to maintain your desired level of customer service. This additional reserve inventory is expensive.