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Jon Schreibfeder discusses Inventory Management Software

On-Demand Webinar: Evolving With Your Inventory Management Software

February 7th 2012

In this webcast Effective Inventory Management Expert, Jon Schreibfeder, addresses how your business can make the most of its inventory management software.


On-Demand Webinar: Get Lean for 2012

October 4th 2011

Cut the Fat, Get Lean for 2012 Discover how to trim the excess and drive efficiency in this exclusive Software ThinkTank webcast from the CEO of Effective Inventory Management, Industrial Distribution lecturer at Purdue University and esteemed Effective Inventory author, Jon Schreibfeder. Related Posts:On-Demand Webinar: Evolving With Your Inventory Management SoftwareOn-Demand Webinar: Are You Getting […]

Taking Stock-Fighting Super Stock Villians

TAKING STOCK: There’s a Storehouse inside Jon Schreibfeder

May 24th 2011

It’s Monday, and Jon Schreibfeder has just got off the plane in San Diego. For the next two days he’ll be spending time with his favorite clients staking out the place retail customers rarely ever see – the warehouse. This is where all kind of items stack to the ceiling to the point where some […]

Utilizing Working Capital

Utilize Working Capital to Grow Your Business

January 26th 2011

If you turn your inventory over six times a year, you have six opportunities to earn a profit from every dollar invested in inventory. Find out several ways to increase your inventory turnover, increase sales and lower your average inventory investment by: Related Posts:How Much Does It Cost You To Buy?Maximize Replenishment Parameter Know-How On-Demand […]


On-Demand Webinar: Grow Your Business Without Growing Your Debt.

January 25th 2011

How to Grow Your Distribution Business in 2011 Without Borrowing Money Learn How To Leverage Your Working Capital to Grow Your Distribution Business. WATCH NOW! How to Grow Your Distribution Business in 2011 Without Borrowing Money! Debt is a major problem for many distributors.  But unlike the government, you do not have the option of […]

Calculating Ordering Costs

How Much Does It Cost You To Buy?

January 20th 2011

In my last article titled “The Mysterious Cost of Carrying Inventory”, we published a questionnaire that you can fill out, to have us calculate your specific company’s inventory carrying cost percentage.  That is, what it costs to maintain a dollar’s worth of stocked inventory in your warehouse for an entire year.  The carrying cost is […]

Trimming Inventory

The Top 5 Effective Ways to Trim Your Inventory

December 31st 2010

Most distributors strive to achieve the goal of effective inventory management: “Effective inventory management allows an organization to meet or exceed customers’ expectations of product availability with the amount of each item that will maximize net profitability or minimize their total inventory investment.” Stock vs. Stuff But most of these companies have two types of […]


Make Smarter Stock Decision for Every Location

December 29th 2010

If you aren’t carefully managing inventory levels at each of your distribution locations, you are running the risk of adding to the high cost of running your branches. There are several steps you can take to ensure a high level of service across your locations while minimizing your costs. Related Posts:Make Inventory Analysis an AssetThe […]


Make Inventory Analysis an Asset

December 21st 2010

Are poor inventory decisions taking a toll on your profit? Using several simple measurements, you can properly analyze your inventory needs and turn your fortunes around. Related Posts:Maximize Replenishment Parameter Know-How The Top 5 Effective Ways to Trim Your InventoryMake Smarter Stock Decision for Every LocationOn-Demand Webinar: Evolving With Your Inventory Management Software


Maximize Replenishment Parameter Know-How

December 15th 2010

Having the nicest tools in the shed doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t know how to use them. By fully understanding your system’s parameters, you can properly automate processes in order to optimize inventory management. Related Posts:Make Inventory Analysis an AssetThe Top 5 Effective Ways to Trim Your InventoryUtilize Working Capital to Grow Your […]


On-Demand Webinar: Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Distributors Make Today

December 3rd 2010

Are you making the right decisions in your distribution business regarding inventory and cash consumption?  Have you totally optimized your margins?  You could be making the MISTAKES others have made and be completely unaware until the fall out. Watch our exclusive Software ThinkTank webinar, presented by inventory management expert, Jon Schreibfeder, identifying the Top 10 […]