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Secrets from an ERP Salesperson: “Listen to What the Sales Guy Says”

July 28th 2011

Does that headline make you cringe? Do your own experiences with salespeople, along with the clichéd stereotypes, make you wary and distrustful of them? In speaking with the salesperson about their products and your requirements, can you trust them? Or are they just saying what they need to say in order to move you along […]

Top 10 Qualities to Look for in an ERP System

June 21st 2011

Evaluating potential accounting and ERP solutions for your organization can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. We have all heard the stories of uber-costly implementations that went awry, or even worse, software that was purchased and never utilized to its fullest potential. Related Posts:Which ERP Should You Choose?How to Successfully Select a New ERP SystemConfused […]

Hiring Third-Party Consultants-A Fatally-Flawed Approach

January 20th 2011

Think using an independent third-party software consultant is a sure way to ensure an unbiased decision that will guarantee project success? In fact, a third-party consultant may lead to: Industry-specific needs being ignored. Biased advice based on the consultant’s objectives and motivations. Legitimate ideas being filtered out before they’re examined by senior executives. Get Engaged […]

Confused About Choosing an ERP Solution Provider?

May 1st 2010

Selecting your solution provider shouldn’t be a game of roulette. This white paper report arms you with the knowledge to make a smart decision. Discover how to, Avoid the common mistakes with due diligence. Utilize key selection criteria to fuel an intelligent choice. Use the provided Comparison Scorecard to track your findings. Selecting your solution […]