Topic: "ERP Selection Process"

Which ERP Should You Choose?

April 30th 2012

ERP software selection is a huge task; to undertake such a project requires time and resources, and will generally restructure certain aspects of your business. As such, many people ask industry specialists which ERP solution they should select. The quick answer? It depends.

5 Tips for Evaluating & Choosing the Best Software for your Business

August 4th 2011

As we speak with executives and managers at organizations that are challenged by growth or a changing business environment, we often find that they feel as if their business operations are out of control. They know there must be a better way to run their business and many believe that technology is the answer. Related […]

Secrets from an ERP Salesperson: “Listen to What the Sales Guy Says”

July 28th 2011

Does that headline make you cringe? Do your own experiences with salespeople, along with the clichéd stereotypes, make you wary and distrustful of them? In speaking with the salesperson about their products and your requirements, can you trust them? Or are they just saying what they need to say in order to move you along […]

Top 3 Reasons Business Owners Make Bad IT Decisions

July 15th 2011

When it comes to buying business management software, part of the battle is thinking about why business owners make bad decisions so you can avoid falling into the same traps. Here are the Top 3 Reasons Business Owners Make Bad IT Decisions: Related Posts:5 Tips for Evaluating & Choosing the Best Software for your BusinessWhy […]

How to Successfully Select a New ERP System

July 5th 2011

As professionals, we have a tendency to use terms like ‘ERP’ that we think everyone in our industry understands. But what about you, the prospective customer? Do you know, or even care, that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning? You’re probably more interested in finding the right solution for your business needs and requirements. Related […]

The Need, The Selection, The Implementation – Part 2

June 23rd 2011

How to Get There Safely From the Beginning. The Story So Far: Remcan is a highly successful four-year-old company working full-tilt to keep pace with the needs of the railway industry. In Part 1, the company realized it couldn’t afford to continue operating with a largely-manual system that was resulting in some unexpected expenses. Related […]

Top 10 Qualities to Look for in an ERP System

June 21st 2011

Evaluating potential accounting and ERP solutions for your organization can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. We have all heard the stories of uber-costly implementations that went awry, or even worse, software that was purchased and never utilized to its fullest potential. Related Posts:Which ERP Should You Choose?How to Successfully Select a New ERP SystemConfused […]

The Need, The Selection, The Implementation – Part 1

June 16th 2011

How to Get There Safely From the Beginning: Remcan Projects Ltd. is a multi-million dollar company that started from humble beginnings in one family’s basement. The vision was simple – provide quality maintenance, civil construction and emergency response to the rail industry. Related Posts:The Need, The Selection, The Implementation – Part 2What Can A SAP […]

10 Things You Need to Know about Accounting & ERP in the Cloud

May 3rd 2011

There is a pervasive perception that moving accounting systems to the cloud is reserved for smaller businesses, but don’t dismiss the software-as-a-service model so fast. Related Posts:On-Demand Webinar: Translating the CloudWhy Small and Medium Businesses Should Consider ERP CloudSoftware Trend-Watch 2: Rise In Business-Driven R&DWhy CFOs are Bucking the SaaS Trend

Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Consider ERP Cloud

March 15th 2011

If you’re a small or mid-sized organization, making a decision to implement ERP usually is a major milestone. It means you recognize the overall advantages of ERP and how it is designed to drive improved business efficiency across the entire organization. Move your ERP into the cloud and you not only benefit from the software-as-a-service […]

How the Right Solution Provider Makes All The Difference

February 14th 2011

All solution providers are not the same. In fact, who you select to provide and implement your business management solution can mean the difference between a successful implementation and a failure. Select the wrong partner and you risk: Project delays. Budget overruns. Unwelcome capital requests. Make Your First Choice a Smart Choice: Gain access INSTANTLY […]

Hiring Third-Party Consultants-A Fatally-Flawed Approach

January 20th 2011

Think using an independent third-party software consultant is a sure way to ensure an unbiased decision that will guarantee project success? In fact, a third-party consultant may lead to: Industry-specific needs being ignored. Biased advice based on the consultant’s objectives and motivations. Legitimate ideas being filtered out before they’re examined by senior executives. Get Engaged […]

Why Executives Must be Involved in Selecting ERP

January 16th 2011

Lack of executive support is one of the Top 5 reasons business management software implementation projects fail. When executives refuse to participate, you risk: Experienced solution providers dropping out of the selection process. Limiting requirements gathering and lacking strategic priority of the organizational goals. Inaccurate proposals, change orders and eventually, friction with solution provider. Be […]

All Solutions are Not Created Equally

January 10th 2011

Separating fact from fiction when navigating software to uncover the right fit for your business can be a confusing process. It doesn’t need to be this way. Simplify finding the best solution for your needs by: Examining vertical vs. one-size-fits-all solutions. Defining industry drivers, corporate goals and strategy. Separating your wants from your needs. Get […]

Confused About Choosing an ERP Solution Provider?

May 1st 2010

Selecting your solution provider shouldn’t be a game of roulette. This white paper report arms you with the knowledge to make a smart decision. Discover how to, Avoid the common mistakes with due diligence. Utilize key selection criteria to fuel an intelligent choice. Use the provided Comparison Scorecard to track your findings. Selecting your solution […]