Topic: "ERP Business Case"

Bart Nachimow discusses his predictions for 2012

Business Software Trend-Watch 1: Death of the PC

November 1st 2011

In this series of articles we ask industriy experts for their view on the key business software trends that will define 2012. Back in the 1970s when Bart Nachimow was getting his minor degree in computer science, software was like an ankle-biting knave hovering for attention from its hardware king perched high in his tower […]

Stay on Target – Building a Business Case for ERP or CRM

January 30th 2011

When you forge ahead and engage software vendors without first building a business case, you risk limiting your software selection options and eventually risk complete project failure. Skipping the business case puts you in danger of: Missing the opportunity to address significant business challenges. Being disapproved for funding. Scope creep and project delays. Hit Your […]