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ERP being used in the healthcare industry

Healthcare and ERP: Making it Work for Your Health Organization

February 22nd 2012

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been improving efficiency and decision making in the world of big business for over two decades. Now the development of specifically tailored healthcare ERP is making an impact for healthcare organizations across the board with improvements in everything from HR to stock management.

Don’t Get Caught Out With The Hidden Costs Of ERP

February 16th 2012

With an ever-increasing range of ERP products in the market it’s easy to get caught up in deciding which software to use and lose track of the hidden costs you may end up incurring. Here are some key questions any organization should ask itself before purchasing ERP software.

Suitemates – The Reality BIG ERP Doesn’t Want You To See

November 18th 2011

“Suitemates”, an over-the-top comedy, satire mocking the operating model of BIG ERP software companies was recently released from Kinaxis. This “Suitemates” series accentuates all the usual suspect complaints from ERP customers.

How to Successfully Select a New ERP System

July 5th 2011

As professionals, we have a tendency to use terms like ‘ERP’ that we think everyone in our industry understands. But what about you, the prospective customer? Do you know, or even care, that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning? You’re probably more interested in finding the right solution for your business needs and requirements. Related […]

ERP Implementation Failure? Top 5 Mistakes when Implementing ERP

July 7th 2010

The promises of an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution can inspire any business owner to approve a costly, time-consuming planning and execution process.  However, not all ERP implementations are successful; many end in frustration, failure and wasted resources. Related Posts:Prepare for Software Selection SuccessShould you buy business software based on a demo?How to Upgrade […]

What is ERP?

June 20th 2010

You’ve been told, “We need ERP! Find me a good system.” You say, “Sure thing,” while thinking to yourself, “I really wish I knew what ERP was.” Rest assured you aren’t the first person to be confused.You’ve been told, “We need ERP! Find me a good system.” You say, “Sure thing,” while thinking to yourself, […]

How to Upgrade Your ERP System

June 15th 2010

A Careful Planning Process for your Upgrade Your ERP System should last your company 15-20 years with regular upgrades. Upgrades will keep your system running reliably and efficiently. Skimping on or ignoring upgrades altogether may save you money and disruption in the short run, but eventually, it will catch up with you. A Careful Planning […]

The Top 5 Questions to Ask When Sourcing an ERP Solution Provider

June 10th 2010

A solution’s bells and whistles don’t mean a thing if your solution provider fails to deliver on time, on budget or at all. The statistics are alarming – according to CHAOS Summary 2009 by The Standish Group, 44% of implementation projects “were challenged which are late, over budget, and/or with less than the required features […]