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Getting the Best Value From Your CRM

February 28th 2012

Customer relationship management (CRM) software holds the promise of greater efficiency, more effective communication and increased customer loyalty for businesses and organizations of any size. However, in order to maximize on all the benefits that CRM has to offer it is important to be aware of any potential barriers that may reduce the effectiveness of your chosen CRM solution.

Get The Most From Your CRM System

February 8th 2012

Regardless of whether you’re part of a large company with well-established customer relationship management (CRM) software already in place or running a smaller business at the start of implementing a carefully selected CRM solution, one thing’s for certain; you’ll want to be sure you’re getting a good return on your CRM investment.

The Benefits of Sage CRM

January 11th 2012

With CRM solutions increasingly focused on attracting customers and driving revenue there are more reasons than ever to be searching for the right CRM strategies for your business. Sage CRM claims to offer innovative customer management solutions that set it apart from other CRM providers in the market so we’ve taken a look at some of the key benefits that Sage CRM has to offer.

CRM for small to medium sized business

January 11th 2012

The fact that big business is increasingly concerned with effective CRM solutions and is reaping the rewards of improved CRM software should give both small and medium sized businesses plenty of inspiration to be asking what customer relationship management solutions are on offer and how they could be profiting from these.

How to connect your social media with your CRM

Social CRM: Connecting to (and with) Your Customers

January 4th 2012

Each day, we find more and more examples of the importance of immediate accessibility to information. When getting someone’s business card, it’s a good idea to write their basic information and hopefully some personal information on the back of the card[…]

A Funeral for Today’s Sales Force

November 17th 2011

“Buyers can easily see there is only a 5-15% difference between the products,” Stuyt says. “What they need is someone who can identify their particular set of problems and match that with the right product that will deliver meaningful impact.”

What is ERP?

June 20th 2010

You’ve been told, “We need ERP! Find me a good system.” You say, “Sure thing,” while thinking to yourself, “I really wish I knew what ERP was.” Rest assured you aren’t the first person to be confused.You’ve been told, “We need ERP! Find me a good system.” You say, “Sure thing,” while thinking to yourself, […]