Topic: "Compliance Management"

Identifying the Stage of your Software Lifecycle

January 25th 2011

Is your Solution Obsolete? There have been many discussions around a product’s life cycle and the five stages identified: introduction, growth, maturity, decline and exit. Related Posts:Should you buy business software based on a demo?5 Reasons to Maintain Your Business Management SoftwareThe Value in Real-time ReportingOn-Demand Webinar: How to Select a Solution Provider

How to Simplify Sales Tax Processes

July 15th 2010

Tracking sales tax can be a headache. Every element of your business is touched by sales tax: products, business processes, accounting, costing, shipping, invoice structure, exemptions, contract relationships and so on. You need clarity on how your services and products are taxed in every jurisdiction you operate in.  So stop suffering needlessly and get proactive. […]

5 Reasons to Maintain Your Business Management Software

June 27th 2010

Think you can save big money by ending your business software maintenance contract? Think again. That’s not to say you should simply sign up for annual maintenance without carefully examining what you do and don’t need, along with the terms of your contract. That goes without saying. Think you can save big money by ending […]