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Which ERP Should You Choose?

April 30th 2012

ERP software selection is a huge task; to undertake such a project requires time and resources, and will generally restructure certain aspects of your business. As such, many people ask industry specialists which ERP solution they should select. The quick answer? It depends.

ERP trends and solutions 2012

Software Trend-Watch 4: It’s All Personal

December 22nd 2011

In this series of articles we ask industry experts for their view on the key business software trends that will define 2012…

Ed Bonaski knows about plot lines, and even the software world has its own story arc. Bonaski spent years working in the publishing industry as an ERP vendor before he traded his Fifth Avenue office for a position as Account Executive at Sherwood Systems in Phoenix, Arizona […]

Suitemates – The Reality BIG ERP Doesn’t Want You To See

November 18th 2011

“Suitemates”, an over-the-top comedy, satire mocking the operating model of BIG ERP software companies was recently released from Kinaxis. This “Suitemates” series accentuates all the usual suspect complaints from ERP customers.

A Funeral for Today’s Sales Force

November 17th 2011

“Buyers can easily see there is only a 5-15% difference between the products,” Stuyt says. “What they need is someone who can identify their particular set of problems and match that with the right product that will deliver meaningful impact.”

Top 10 Qualities to Look for in an ERP System

June 21st 2011

Evaluating potential accounting and ERP solutions for your organization can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. We have all heard the stories of uber-costly implementations that went awry, or even worse, software that was purchased and never utilized to its fullest potential. Related Posts:Which ERP Should You Choose?How to Successfully Select a New ERP SystemConfused […]

A Guide to Buying Software That Will Scale with Your Business

June 2nd 2011

As your business begins to grow and keeps growing you will encounter many strategic decisions that will need to be made in order to sustain that growth. One of those strategic decisions will be selecting the right technology for your business that will handle today’s operations and also give you the platform to grow and […]

A Software Implementation Nightmare

May 10th 2011

What would you do if your software implementation not only ended in failure, but cost your organization a half-million dollars that could never be recovered? Find out how “Hope” battled a multi-headed hydra as this epic software implementation nightmare unfolds. Related Posts:Suitemates – The Reality BIG ERP Doesn’t Want You To SeeA Guide to Buying […]

The Return of Manufacturing Investment

April 20th 2011

Think the economic downturn means it’s a bad time to invest in manufacturing management software? Though some manufacturers are still reining in IT spending, now, as the markets reemerge, is the time to reassess your infrastructure and ensure it’s delivering the value you’re looking for. Related Posts:Why Lean Manufacturing is Here to StayWhich ERP Should […]

Check Your Blind Spot with a 360-Degree Review

March 11th 2011

We’ve already determined there is no such thing as a truly unbiased opinion. Given that, the pivotal determining factor to finding the right solution provider rests with one thing – you, and your ability to see your own strengths and weaknesses. Related Posts:Suitemates – The Reality BIG ERP Doesn’t Want You To SeeStill Relying on […]

Top 3 Need to Knows For Buying Business Software

February 8th 2011

Acquiring a new ERP solution – every company faces this challenge on average once a decade; more often if the business is dramatically growing or requirements have changed as a result of acquisitions. In many cases, the focus initially is on how to select the best new software package, the overall budget impact and what […]

Still Relying on RFPs to Buy ERP?

January 31st 2011

Using RFPs to select business management software is quickly going the way of the dinosaur. Software vendors and solution providers are increasingly refusing to respond to RFPs because of disappointing success rates – putting you in danger of choosing a poor match for your company’s needs. Related Posts:Which ERP Should You Choose?Check Your Blind Spot […]