What to look for in ERP software?

We are a small company of around 20 employess and are currently growing. We will be expanding to multiple locations and doubling our size in the next twelve months. I am looking for feedback on ERP software systems.

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  • John M. AVP Operations Mumbai at Jones Lang LaSalle 11:51 PM 09/11/2011

    Best Answer

    ERP software helps in managing resources effectively, provided the right choice of software is made.

    There are a number of ERP solutions available in the market today.

    Some of the things that I would look for are:

    1. Matching the requirement:
    Need to know the needs of each department and how will implementation of software help improve efficiency. The software needs to compliment the needs of the company.

    2. Easy User interface.
    The users need to find it easy to use and implement. This will reduce the time spent in training/rectifying errors.

    3. Compatibility with current operating systems
    The software should be compatible with other office/operating systems. Eg should be able to be accessed at all sites and should work on the platform already being used at the company.

    4. Value to company
    Integrating a new system into your business is a major undertaking. Staff needs to be trained, some departments will require restructuring and change nearly every process you perform on a daily basis. So, during ERP software evaluation, you should ask what changes are necessary, how much they will require from your team and how effective they will be in altering the overall efficiency of your business.
    At the end of the day it should add value to your business

    5. Reporting and Tracking
    The software should help you in reporting and tracking your resources effectively.

  • Karin Wilson 11:52 PM 09/11/2011

    I would suggest that you conducts a needs assessment/requirements definition and make vendors aware of what you are looking for. There is not enough information provided to determine the best fit for your needs.

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