Dynamics: NAV vs GPDynamics: NAV vs GP

How are Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP different?

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  • Karin Wilson 01:26 PM 09/2/2012

    Dynamics NAV is completely customizable and adaptable depending on an organization’s unique needs. Perfect for building specific functionality in a niche market, it can also grow to match organizational changes. Installation is typically more complex, however the end result is perfectly tailored business solution.

    Dynamics GP is an out of the box solution. It isn’t as customizable, but is faster to implement and has hundreds of available add-ons. The platform is not as fluid as Dynamics NAV and will not change with organizational growth, however the applications can be modified with additional addendums.

    Similarities accross both platforms include custom interfaces, the elimination of data silos, streamlined accounting, and full integration with Microsoft Office.

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