CRM Goals

What is the goal of a CRM system?

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  • Karin Wilson 04:52 PM 23/4/2012

    CRM combines software solutions to integrate customer facing business functions such as customer service and support, sales automation, and enterprise marketing automation. CRM enables enterprises to find, attract and win new clients and maintain existing relationships while decreasing the costs of client service and marketing.
    1. Lead management software enables the tracking and forecasting of leads, and helps management understand and improve conversion rates.
    2. e CRM is a self-service CRM that allows web based customer interaction, email automation, web analytics and campaign management.
    3. Survey management software automates electronic surveys, questionnaires and polls to enhance the understanding of customer preference.
    4. Customer service software can include call center or help desk software.
    5. Contract management software enables organizations to create, track and manage contacts, partnerships and agreements.

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