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Software ThinkTank

Tired of the mistruths and myths that persist about business management solutions – both on the part of the folks who sell and buy them? At Software ThinkTank, we are too.

Our team of professionals come from a range of backgrounds but are united in the goal to deliver frank answers to your questions about today’s business management solutions. You can rest assured that we will not simply regurgitate and spin the information we, or software creators for that matter, want you to hear.

Software ThinkTank values independent thought and won’t hesitate to challenge common misconceptions about the solutions available to resolve today’s business challenges. Our website is a free resource chock-full of details on the hottest technology, advances and trends in our guides, how tos, articles, tools and case studies.

Stay ahead of the curve with Software ThinkTank and make informed decisions that can only come with honest, unbiased advice. Best of all; avoid the heartache and frustration of time and resources wasted making bad IT decisions. And get ready to boost the profitability and growth of your business.

We invite you to explore Software ThinkTank and learn more about our trusted Partners.

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Leadership Team
Jon Schreibfeder

Author, Inventory Management Expert

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Karin Wilson

Managing Editor

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David Shimberg

Author, Consultant

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