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Multiple Product Rankings

June 4th 2012

The Key to Inventory Optimization When looking at inventory management and attempting t...

What You Need To Know About Social CRM

May 29th 2012

Most organizations already use a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, and they more than likely employ social media strategies to further their marketing efforts. But what if you combined the two with social CRM software – could you improve your company’s reach? Traditional CRM is all about building and maintaining relationships with your customers; social CRM (SCRM) simply uses social media tools to supplement this goal.

Perpetual Inventory in Distribution

May 23rd 2012

Increased Efficiency with Perpetual Inventory Management The distribution industry faces ...

What Can A SAP Field Services Solution Do For Your Business?

May 22nd 2012

It’s a busy world, and in such a competitive environment, companies are being asked to be better, faster, and cheaper. The same holds true for the field service industry. Companies are being asked to lower their costs, provide fast response to customer service calls, track time and materials, and quickly dispatch service technicians. With such a comprehensive list of demands, businesses need SAP field services in order to enhance their operations.

What is perpetual inventory

On Demand Webinar: Achieving Accurate Perpetual Inventory

May 22nd 2012

Software ThinkTank’s Effective Inventory Management Expert, Jon Schreibfeder, discusses what is perpetual inventory and how your business will benefit from keeping an accurate perpetual inventory balance.

3 Logistical Challenges Every Growing Business Must Overcome

May 18th 2012

Many companies struggle with managing multiple locations. Heck, some have their hand...

Free Webinar on Introducing New Product Lines

On Demand Webinar: When to Stock New Product Lines

May 17th 2012

Software ThinkTank’s Effective Inventory Management Expert, Jon Schreibfeder, shares his knowledge on how and when to introduce new product lines to your distribution business.

Achieving Perpetual Inventory in Your Distribution Business

May 17th 2012

Maintaining an accurate perpetual inventory is critical to the success of your distribution business. If the quantities in your computer system do not agree with what is actually on the shelf in your warehouse you are forced to overstock in order to maintain your desired level of customer service. This additional reserve inventory is expensive.

Leveraging Your Management Software in Distribution

May 16th 2012

As a distributor, you work hard to stay profitable. In an age where margins are continuously shrinking it's important to be aware of all of the factors facing your business and to make the most of the tools that you have available to you. We all know how important customer satisfaction is, and yet we tend to value all customers as equal whether or not they are in fact profitable customers.

How Retailers Can Use Inventory Management Software To Increase Efficiency

May 15th 2012

When issues arise in retail operations, the first response tends to be to fix it. That’s why you have retail management software, isn’t it? So now that you’ve identified a problem, you need find a solution. That logic holds, but only to a point. While it’s important to resolve any problems that your business encounters, finding a retail management software solution tailored to your organization as a whole can be more complex.