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The Four USPs of Cloud Computing

September 20th 2012

You have most likely already heard the term “cloud computing” being used by journali...

Nine Reasons Why SAP HANA Could Transform Your Business

September 11th 2012

Before I delve into the benefits of SAP HANA, let me first explain what it is. SAP High-...

10 Tips to Help Run Your Enterprise

September 4th 2012

Running an enterprise is not an easy task, but with a little help it is possible to smoo...

Cloud Computing: A Cost-Saving Option for Businesses

August 29th 2012

As a business owner, saving money while providing a high level of service to your custom...


The Social CRM – Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Social Media

August 20th 2012

For those who were wondering why Microsoft bought Yammer, the answer lies deep within the ...

10 mistakes that push ERP projects over budget and off schedule

July 17th 2012

Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a complex and expensive u...

The Value in Real-time Reporting

June 18th 2012

Real-time reporting services are an integral part of any business. Necessary in today’s businesses due to the current economic climate, the ability to look at real-time organizational data gives companies the tools that they need to face changing project requirements and financial constraints head on. ERP reporting ensures not only the full integration between all key areas, including marketing, sales, finance, and project management; it also empowers managers and executives with access to real-time data that will facilitate decision making.

Revolutionizing Construction: Tablets Will Change The Way Business Is Done

June 12th 2012

Can you recall a time before Engineers and Architects had AutoCAD? Productivity was different back then. Projects took enormous amounts of time, and face to face meetings needed to be conducted so that designs could be agreed upon. But with the digital exchange of information, inefficiencies were eradicated. Architects and Engineers where completing their part of the construction project quicker than ever before. And this is where the efficiencies end.

ABC Analysis and Inventory Optimization

June 7th 2012

The goal of effective inventory management is to “meet or exceed your customers’ exp...

How SaaS Is Changing the Accounting Landscape

June 5th 2012

Accounting is not often thought of as a cutting edge industry, nor are accountants typically considered risk takers or early adopters. That, however, is all changing with the advent of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. SaaS is a delivery model that relies on cloud computing instead of traditional servers for software hosting and storage, saving clients expensive infrastructure investments.