Social CRM: Connecting to (and with) Your Customers

How to connect your social media with your CRM

Each day, we find more and more examples of the importance of immediate accessibility to information. When getting someone’s business card, it’s a good idea to write their basic information and hopefully some personal information on the back of the card. And if there is time, it’s even better to enter a quick note directly into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system using a mobile phone or tablet.

Over time, you probably add more and more information about your customers. Your best customers are the ones you know very well. You understand their challenges and how best to address those challenges. Your customers likely appreciate that and, hence, you have a good business relationship.

Know All Your Customers Like Your Best Customers

Imagine what would happen if this were the case.  First, you probably would get a lot more business. Beyond that, you would better understand their business needs.  You might know their hobbies, interests, the college they went to and maybe even the college their kids went to.

Keep in mind that just because you know a prospective customer graduated from the same school as you doesn’t mean that you will win their business, but knowledge like that can provide an opportunity to connect and build a stronger business relationship.

Welcome to the age of social media.

Connect LinkedIn and Twitter to Your CRM

Social networking tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter can deliver crucial data to your CRM and create the opportunity to build a better business relationship.

These social networking tools allow you to:

  • Validate and keep your customer data accurate
  • View demographic and personal information
  • See when a contact moved to a new company
  • Add additional company contacts to your CRM
  • Track specific Twitter conversations about your company or your product directly in CRM
  • Create a world-wide view of your customer.  Use your own data combined with public “social” data to see a more three-dimensional view of your customer.

Can I Use Facebook, Too?

Facebook can be trickier to use from a business perspective. Facebook can work well for some business purposes and is weak in other areas. You will need to better understand your customers (and ideal customers) to see if Facebook can be a viable social media tool to integrate with your CRM system.

With all the social networking information available today, it is no surprise that customers expect more from their vendors. You can stay a step ahead of your competition by integrating social media with your CRM system.  Although deals get done by people, technology can certainly lend a hand in moving the process forward.

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