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Are You Really Comparing Apples to Lemons?

By the time you have completed your software comparison matrix, each of the software systems you are considering will all end up with the same features and functions.

This leaves you with very little to differentiate between the “service-oriented architecture system” and the “user-friendly interface system”. Generally, the few Mega Software Development Giants that have survived The Great Recession and many other downturns have been developing business management systems in the same marketplace for so long that there are few differences in their out-of-the-box solutions.

Ditch the Matrix & Start a Conversation

Every business has established their own processes and work flows; to bring in a software system that disrupts and reorganizes the way you do business will significantly decrease productivity and efficiencies — but that’s what you get with a standard out-of-the-box system.

Tailoring a solution around the way your business operates cannot be determined by looking at a software comparison matrix. This can only be accomplished by engaging with a solution provider that can identify your business needs and speaks your language to understand every unique requirement of your business.

With 68% of software implementations facing impairment or failure*, it is more critical now than ever to chose the right solution provider.

It’s Not The Software, It’s Who’s Implementing It

Stop wasting time comparing software systems that are all too similar. At Software ThinkTank, we have worked with hundreds of solution providers and know first-hand that the difference between a successful software implementation and a failed one is simply in who customizes and installs the software, not in which software system was chosen.

Start finding the right solution provider to recommend and implement the solution that fits your business requirements. Complete the form to the right to Find a Local Recommend Solution Provider from our trusted network of solution providers.

*The Standish Group – Choas Report. Boston, MA. April 23, 2009.

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