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the interoperability of cloud computing

Adopt a Cloud Today: The Interoperability of Cloud Computing

January 25th 2013

Cloud computing implementation has occurred for the last several years and is accelerating...

Backup Decision: Choosing Between File and Image Level Backups

January 8th 2013

Most business owners don’t think about the importance of backups until they need one. ...

Inventory Management Software - Cash

5 Ways Inventory Management Can Keep Your Business Out of The Red

January 2nd 2013

Management software for your inventory can be expensive, especially for small businesses, ...

10 Questions to Ask Your Solution Provider

February 1st 2012

With so much technology available to us, it has become more and more difficult to choose the product that best fits our business needs. In the same way, it can be hard choosing the right solution provider since many of them offer the same products and services. One way to narrow down your choices is to ask the right questions to your solution provider as their answers will drastically help you make your final decision.

Why Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2010

Microsoft GP 2010 – Why Upgrade?

January 5th 2012

There are three basic reasons to upgrade your ERP solution, no matter what software ...

Bob Scott’s Top VAR 100 for 2011

December 27th 2011

The Top 100 Pick Up After Tough Times Bob Scott, mid-market financial software  industry analyst and editor of Accounting Technology, selects and reviews the Top 100 VARs of 2011.   While the reseller channel has gotten leaner and more competitive these past few years, these Value-Added Resellers (VARs) have continued to deliver outstanding financial solutions and services to their customers to improve productivity and profitability in these struggling economic times. (more…)...

ERP trends and solutions 2012

Software Trend-Watch 4: It’s All Personal

December 22nd 2011

In this series of articles we ask industry experts for their view on the key business software trends that will define 2012… Ed Bonaski knows about plot lines, and even the software world has its own story arc. Bonaski spent years working in the publishing industry as an ERP vendor before he traded his Fifth Avenue office for a position as Account Executive at Sherwood Systems in Phoenix, Arizona [...]

How to Improve Overall Project Communication

November 26th 2011

Microsoft SharePoint has provided us with project communication efficiencies that were previously not achievable without it.

The future of mobile and your business

Software Trend-Watch 3: Vertical Trust

November 15th 2011

In the third of our Software Trends for 2012 series we ask industry expert Kevin Armstrong of ePartners to share with us his vision for the coming year. When Kevin Armstrong first got into the technology business with Xerox back in the mid-1990s there was a common mindset: real data, real information, even about how the business was operating, was best left to those in charge[...]


On-Demand Webinar: Dynamics vs Salesforce

November 10th 2011

Ensuring high user adoption should be at the heart of every business case for investing in CRM. But how can you guaranteee high end user adoption? The answer: you need to question whether your provider is telling you the truth on Outlook integration [...]

Cloud Computing Trends

Software Trend-Watch 2: Rise In Business-Driven R&D

November 8th 2011

Get ready to embrace the power of failure. That’s a hard statement to swallow at a time when the economy appears to be teetering once again. But, Steven Kane says, the Cloud puts hope on the horizon in ways no one has thought of before. “The Cloud allows people to experiment with low cost, which means[...]

Bart Nachimow discusses his predictions for 2012

Business Software Trend-Watch 1: Death of the PC

November 1st 2011

In this series of articles we ask industriy experts for their view on the key business software trends that will define 2012. Back in the 1970s when Bart Nachimow was getting his minor degree in computer science, software was like an ankle-biting knave hovering for attention from its hardware king perched high in his tower [...]

Financial Reporting

Discover Flexible Financial Reporting with Dynamics GP 2010

September 27th 2011

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010® offers a seamless way to comply with U.S. Generally Acc...

Simplified Healthcare Accounting Software Eases Administration Pain

August 9th 2011

Healthcare administration is such a complex business because you are not only tasked with managing the manifold intricacies and strict regulations of the industry but also with keeping top-quality patient care the No. 1 priority. It’s a delicate balance that relies on many moving parts – primarily in the form of multiple people across many different departments and organizations. (more…)...

Check Your Blind Spot with a 360-Degree Review

March 11th 2011

We’ve already determined there is no such thing as a truly unbiased opinion. Given that, the pivotal determining factor to finding the right solution provider rests with one thing – you, and your ability to see your own strengths and weaknesses. (more…)...

Steps to a Successful Sales Process with CRM: Part 2

January 11th 2011

Letze Woche sprachen wir darüber, wie der Aufbau eines definierten Verkaufsprozesses in Ihrem CRM-System den Service für Ihre Kunden verbessert. Diese Woche besprechen wir, wie man Ihre Mitarbeiter dazu bewegt CRM zu nutzen.Last week, we talked about how building a defined sales process into your CRM system can improve the service you deliver to your customers. This week we tackle how to encourage your people to use CRM. Indeed, system adoption can be the biggest hurdle you encounter once your sales process is set up and integrated with CRM. (more…)...

Steps to a Successful Sales Process with CRM: Part 1

January 5th 2011

Photo © Phillip Collier Ein Verkaufsprozess ist ein strukturiertes Verfahren, das einen Kunden hin bis zu einem Verkauf bewegt. Generell wird der Vertriebsprozess kundenspezifisch auf Ihr Geschäft und Ihre Industrie angepasst. Dabei werden die meisten Ihrer Kunden den gleichen Weg zum Kauf gehen. Photo © Phillip Collier. A sales process is a structured methodology and process to help move a prospective customer through to a sale. Generally a sales process will be customized for your specific business and industry, under the assumption that most of your customers will be going through the same process for buying. (more…)...