Why Monitor and Analyze Your Business Database?

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Most of us know next to nothing about the complex organism that is the company database. We understand how to use the front end and find the information we need. But the truth is that a lot of work goes into the back end of the database to keep it functioning quickly and effectively.

One tool that allows the database administrator (DBA) to keep the database running is software that monitors and analyzes the database. Below are three benefits that this software can bring to your business. For ease of reading, “monitoring software” refers to programs that include both monitoring and analyzation capabilities.

Improve End-User Response
Monitoring software improves end-user response. This means it helps the front end of the system run quicker for the people using it.

The software does this in a lot of ways. For example, some programs (such as Ignite by Confio) focus on response time. This type of monitoring software measures how much time it takes for a request to go to the database (like when you’re requesting information) and how much time it takes the database to respond. With this information, a DBA can pinpoint where the biggest slowdown occurs and work to fix the delayed response.

Find Problems Faster
A lot of the time you find a problem in your database when something stops working. But these moments don’t usually reveal the problem. They are only the result of the problem. Monitoring software allows the DBA an “under the hood” look at the database’s performance. With this look, the DBA can diagnose and fix a problem quicker than if he had to go looking for it himself.

Track the Server Over Time
Your database (hopefully) won’t encounter problems very often, but monitoring software still provides value during these times. It gathers trend information on your database that can help identify a future problem. For example, the trend data might reveal that the database responds when someone sends a specific request to the database. This can show the DBA where to investigate when he’s looking to solve or problem or improve the database.

For this reason, you shouldn’t wait until your database needs a repair to purchase monitoring software. You won’t have any trend data if you do that. Installing the software now, however, will give you time to build up a pool of information from which you can pull.

Up front it might seem like a waste of money to buy software that monitors and analyzes your database. It’s not. Database monitoring and analyzation software can actually save your business both time and money. Instead of hunting for the problem, a DBA can focus on fixing it. This leaves less database downtime and can improve employee efficiency. It also gives the DBA more time to focus on improving database performance.

The back end of the database matters. You may not have to work with it personally but your DBA does. Make sure you give him the resources he needs to do his job well, because when you do the business will benefit overall.

Author Bio: Vanessa James is a business technology consultant specializing in database management. She currently writes for Oracle monitoring solutions provider confio.com.

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