What To Look For In A Membership Database Management System

Choosing any new software solution can be complicated; with so many options available, how do you make sure you’re getting the right one for your organization? When looking for a membership database management system, keep in mind the elements that will simplify operations and make organizational tasks more efficient.

Like all software solutions, membership database management systems offer a slew of features and options. When you’re on the search, make sure you separate your needs from your wants – look beyond the fancy packaging to see the core functionality. If your membership database management system has these top five recommended features, your organization can save time, money, and resources.

  1. Automation
    Look for a system that automates all billing functions, including invoicing and receipts. If your software also automates billing reminders and tax receipts, it will save your organization hundreds of manual processing hours.
  2. Reporting
    With all of your information stored on one central database, ease of use is imperative. You need a system that’s powerful but simple, and able to export reports in a common format such as Excel.
  3. E-billing options
    Offering as many payment options as possible will open the door to new members. Go beyond the typical credit and debit options to include PayPal and other e-payment options to encourage even more sign-ups.
  4. Social Media
    Being able to integrate social media into your membership software expands your reach, enabling more effective marketing and self-promotion. It also allows you to sync your membership profiles directly to applications like Facebook, keeping you up to date with your members’ most current information.
  5. Events
    Event planning is yet another aspect that can be easily automated to save man power and streamline processes. The right software will allow you to set up and announce events, and enable members to RSVP easily. Great events promotions will boost awareness and encourage attendance.

This list is simple, and depending on which database membership management system you select, other features will likely be packaged in. Be sure to sort through the functionality to ensure that what you need and will use is there, as that’s where you’ll get the most value from your system. The splashy add-ons might look appealing, but they won’t help you build value for your membership the way the core capabilities above do.

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