Top 5 Requirements for Your Food & Beverage Distribution Software

As a food and beverage distributor, you face very unique challenges. The perishable product you handle must be moved with a keen eye to regulations and maximizing efficiency in order to meet the daily demands of your customers.

You can achieve this by ensuring your business management solution meets the Top 5 Necessities for Food & Beverage Distribution Software:

Lot Traceability

Being able to track sources and destination of product lot codes is a must for all food service distributors and producers. And with new food safety legislation waiting on President Obama’s desk, managing inventory without this capability is like playing craps with your business. Today, everyone in the supply chain is responsible. Know your vendors!

Catch Weight

Unique to the food service distribution industry is the required ability to sell and receive product in one unit of measure (case or piece) and price in another (pound or kilogram). Generally, it is preferable to have inventory costs maintained by the pound, with the ability to visualize inventory by both the case and pound.

Customer-Specific Pricing

Stiff competition, chain-store sales and institutional sales require food service distributors to negotiate pricing on a customer-by-customer basis. Extended pricing provides the flexibility to mix pricing by product or product lines for each customer as a negotiated value, mark-up percentage or discount percentage. Building and maintaining accurate customer-price records and easily manipulating and negotiating customer prices are essential to delivering superior service in this sector.

Truck Route and Load Planning

With distributors stretching territories further and further, managing the load capacity of your vehicles and routing deliveries is essential to your bottom line. Manually sorting your delivery tickets on a table is grossly inefficient and no way to do business. Knowing cubes, weight, load value and profit by route is the only way to go.

Catalog-Based Sales

Catalog-based sales tools, when used during order entry, can provide you with a multitude of benefits. They include increased accuracy (the right products), along with the ability to easily-spot trends (dropped items), attribute data (dietary restrictions, related products), order from historical templates (faster than finding and keying in item codes), easily identify promotional items (prompted access to sales and specials) and implement buying group restrictions. All benefits result in increased service levels, more lines per ticket and ultimately, happier customers.

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