The Value in Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting services are an integral part of any business. Necessary in today’s businesses due to the current economic climate, the ability to look at real-time organizational data gives companies the tools that they need to face changing project requirements and financial constraints head on. ERP reporting ensures not only the full integration between all key areas, including marketing, sales, finance, and project management; it also empowers managers and executives with access to real-time data that will facilitate decision making.

Marketing and sales are the areas that generate leads and opportunities. With access to real-time data provided by reporting services, marketers can gain insight into market trends, what services are most profitable to the organization, and which verticals are most engaged. The team can then leverage this ERP reporting information, using the real-time data to tailor campaigns and fit target market segments. This kind of individual focus ensures that your organization is a thought leader. Reporting solutions allow for clear visibility and real-time tracking that will help your team plan and analyze future campaigns to drive increased ROI.

The true impact of real-time reporting will likely be felt in accounting and finance. Often team members in these departments spend long hours combing over data and manually compiling reports. Reporting solutions alleviate the need for this, as data is automatically combined allowing for quick and easy access to business and financial reports. By freeing up valuable time and resources with real-time ERP reporting, your finance and accounting teams will be better able to serve your organization, shortening the bill cycle and focusing on business concerns such as accounts receivable and purchasing.

Spending many hours each week sorting through reports on organizational performance, finance, staff utilization and trends, executives are likely the ones that will benefit most from real-time reporting. The right reporting services are able to provide executives and upper level management with complete organizational visibility, allowing them to focus on critical business cases that effect overall profitability. It also enables better decision making, as instant visibility into company performance lets executives keep an eye on overall execution, and address any issues before they become serious.

Real-time reporting solutions eliminate the redundancy of manual spread sheet tracking, reducing errors and providing organizations with the insight necessary to operate effectively in a competitive global market. From staff on the ground floor to the executive team, all levels of business can benefit from access to live data representative of their organizational position as a whole.

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