The Next Generation of Customer Contact & Interaction

As technology continuously advances, so has the way in which companies interact with their customers. Not only has technology made it easier to communicate with customers in a fast and effective manner, but it also has raised the bar on customer expectations.

Where contact centers used to only offer consumers and businesses one means of contact, technology has now created a way for multiple means of communication.

The first step in securing successful next generation contact center solutions is to find a way to unify the multiple channels into one single platform which makes communication seamless.

If your company is not evolving with new technological advances, you will certainly fall behind your competitors. Give your staff the proper next-generation customer contact tools to help make and keep your business successful!

Join the Cloud

Many companies now offer cloud based contact center solutions which allow companies of any size the ability to control cost and number of users closely where before mostly large companies were able to afford detailed call center solutions. This solution gives these smaller or in-between size companies access to customer relationship management, detailed monitoring, workforce management, data analysis and more. Joining the cloud allows companies a flexibility that was not previously offered while giving them more efficient solutions when they need them.

Social Media

More now than ever, customers are taking to social networks to voice their opinions and discuss their interactions with companies and products. Learning to utilize social networks as a vital two-way channel that can ultimately improve upon customer interaction is extremely critical to a company’s success.  By engaging with customers through social media you can ultimately increase customer loyalty which is the backbone of any successful business. Utilize social media to do the following:

  • Monitor social media conversations
  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • Join conversations with consumers
  • Create genuine customer advocacy
  • Inform consumers about changes and solutions
  • Answer customer questions

Stay Innovative

While there are companies that are dedicated to helping you reach the next level of customer contact, it is ultimately up to business leaders to stay educated and current on new ways to create a better means of customer interaction and service. Do your research and experiment with new technological advances. Stay ahead of the curve!


Author Bio: Justin Garvin writes on behalf of Aspect – a provider next-generation call center technology, enterprise workforce optimization and Microsoft solutions for your contact center to help build & sustain customer relationships. Get more information about Aspect and their call center software and solutions at and follow them on Aspect’s Twitter Page for up-to-date information! 

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