Suitemates – The Reality BIG ERP Doesn’t Want You To See

“Suitemates”, an over-the-top comedy, satire mocking the operating model of BIG ERP software companies was recently released from Kinaxis. This “Suitemates” series accentuates all the usual suspect complaints from ERP customers:

  • Increasing Mandatory Yearly Maintenance Fees
  • Complicated & Unnecessary Upgrades
  • Overlapping & Redundant Technology Solutions
  • Disorienting & Overbearing Sales Tactics
  • Complex, Cumbersome & Unfinished New Features
  • Everytime Always Say Yes (E.A.S.Y) Sales
  • Native Glitches & Bugs Bundled in the Software Package

“Two Peas in a Prison” – Part I

“Suites Are Sour” – Part II

“Steep Upgrade Ahead” – Part III

“Suite Carolina” – Part IV

“Double Down” – Part V

“Speak E.A.S.Y.” – Part VI

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