Resolving Channel Conflict with Partners for Enjoying Improved ROI

Conflict is an ever-present factor in almost every kind of partnership. It becomes a more common component in the relationship of an enterprise with its channel partners. Channel conflicts are generally associated with pricing or quality concerns with or between the various channel partners. However, these conflicts can befall in a far-reaching spectrum within the channel and usually, even the manufacturers aren’t aware of such conflicts.

Studies have shown that excessive tensions or issues between the channel partners plague the enterprise and its working from within. The consequences of ignoring these veiled conflicts can rob a business of a major chunk of its return on investment (ROI). There are certain situations within the organization, which, if observed properly, can reveal something more serious behind small issues such as price conflicts.

These kinds of gaps are responsible for producing friction between the business and its partners, thereby leading to an eventual loss in revenue, stagnant growth, and multiplied administrative costs. On the contrary, resolving the channel partner conflicts through Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems can help boost the business’ ROI.

Incorporating the PRM system in the enterprise channel can prove to be an effective way of reducing conflicts. PRM system is a web based software that unites all the facets of distribution channel management into a solitary channel partner portal. There are certain ways in which ROI can be increased by using PRM systems.

Marketing and Communications

Effective marketing and communication are the two critical components to the success of any independent partner channel. The partners should have clear and understandable communication and should be able to act quickly in conjunction with the past communications.

Synchronizing all the communication activities in a single channel partner portal will facilitate in the effective communication for both the products as well as the brand. The partners will receive regular and systematic alerts, announcements and reminders pertaining to the business and would be able to lend a useful hand in effective channel partner marketing, thereby positively affecting the ROI.

Training and Certification

The present day PRM technologies can easily manage as well as deliver online and classroom training, webinars, assessments, and other kinds of e-learning facilities. This helps provide the employees and the managers with the required ability for creating, managing, and viewing delineated learning plans as well as certifications for their respective job profiles.

Such kind of co-ordinated channel training can also help reduce the partner conflicts and the associated costs, thus increasing the individual performance and giving a positive rise to the ROI graph.

Performance Management

Measurement is a crucial element that plays an important role in the successful performance of an enterprise. It helps the managers in taking more effective steps towards the betterment of the business. PRM provides a reporting dashboard to the managers for accessing the information of the people as well as organizations that are managed. Taking decisions based on complete information and analytical date increases the ROI, particularly when more partners in the system.

On the whole, introducing PRM systems can surely help in eradicating the foundations of channel conflicts. Various facets like channel partner marketing and communication and training and performance, combined together into a channel partner portal can establish a new foundation for better productivity and increase in the ROI for a long term.

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