Maximize your Bill Rate with Time Tracking and Billing Software

As a professional services organization, your success depends on your ability to efficiently track your time and bill your clients accordingly.  Getting your billing done quickly and accurately will improve the overall performance of your business and being able to deliver standard and reliable billing practices will ingratiate you to your clients.

Integrate Time Tracking and Billing Software into your ERP system

An effective time tracking and billing software solution ties together project accounting and project management data.  While this can often be accomplished through an ERP system, very few organizations have the need to give every individual in the company a full license to their ERP solution.  For most organizations, a separate time and billing solution that integrates with their ERP system is all that is required.  This type of arrangement allows for the integration of the time tracking data with other project management data, ensuring accurate billing, without necessitating full ERP licenses for all employees.

Adopt Mobile Time Tracking and Billing Software

One of the best ways to maximize your employees’ billable time is to give them anywhere, anytime access to your time and billing software.  By making time tracking available via a web service, your employees can track their billable activities in real-time, whether they are at a client site, traveling on business, in the office, or working from home.  By simplifying and streamlining time entry in this manner, your billable time can be entered, approved, and billed out more quickly.

Optimize Custom Workflows

Once your employee time has been entered into a tracking and billing solution, it is possible for custom workflows to automatically route the data through the approval process to ensure that billing takes place on-time and with accurate information.  This is not a standard feature in time and billing solutions, but something that needs to be created to suit the unique needs of each organization.  If you are interested in this type of workflow, you should ask if your time and billing software vendor can develop it for you.

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