Map Your Business Challenges to Find the Right Solution

If your business is facing challenges that you are hoping a new business management solution will solve, a great first step in the software selection process is to assess your current business processes. After all, a business management solution is only going to deliver benefits to your organization in proportion to how you are using it.

Just because a process works, does not mean it’s efficient. By evaluating how you are doing things now and what your business goals are, you can identify any gaps between your strategy and execution.

Identifying the Organization-Process Disconnects

In order to get a truly accurate picture of the processes that you are analyzing, it is important to involve key users from each of the functional areas affected by the processes. By mapping out your processes from start to finish with these individuals in a workshop setting, you will be able to see the current flow of the critical business information throughout your organization.

Most importantly, these process maps will enable you to identify disconnects, the points where the organization and the process are not working effectively or efficiently. Because all of the disconnects you identify should have a solution, you can then convert them
into requirements for the new system you are selecting.

Once you have mapped out your current processes and identified the disconnects that you want resolved by your new software solution, you can build a final plan which will include process improvements you plan to make as an organization, as well as a strategy for leveraging your new solution to achieve business productivity and efficiency.

The Value of an Outside Perspective

While reviewing your processes internally is certainly helpful in identifying areas that new software could help you resolve, gaining an outside perspective can help you gain a more honest view of your processes and disconnects.

If you are mapping your processes in preparation for a new software implementation, it makes sense to engage your software partner in the business process review.

Your software partner can provide a valuable outside perspective,
and by engaging them in this process, they will gain invaluable insight
into the way your business operates.

This will enable them to provide you with the most effective, efficient solution for your company’s unique needs and requirements.

And it Works!

The international design agency, LPK, went through a business process review with their software partner prior to implementing their new solution. This is what they had to say about the experience:

“For us, the best part of the business process review was that [our software partner] wanted to ‘walk in our shoes’ and then challenge our processes, their purpose and objectives,” said John Keller, Financial Services Manager at LPK.

“This not only helped us step outside the process, it initiated a dialogue with the [partner’s] staff that has provided us with some valuable insight, experience and professional opinions that will shape our future process.

Now that we’ve completed the business process review, [our partner] has the key information they need to educate and train us for a successful implementation of a new software solution (and new processes). It feels as if [they have] become an extension of our department and they act as a strategic partner rather than a supplier.”

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