Leveraging Business Intelligence For Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Software

In all corners of the for-profit world, business intelligence tools are utilized on a daily basis to allow businesses to convert large amounts of customer data into valuable information. This information is used to make decisions about everything from marketing and sales to changes in internal structures and processes. But business intelligence software doesn’t have to be restricted to the for-profit world. With more and better nonprofit software emerging on a regular basis, now is a great time for NGOs to start realizing the benefits of nonprofit software in their organizations.

Nonprofit business analysis software

Business intelligence for the nonprofit sector comes in a variety of forms. Most NGOs will have already developed a range of techniques for measuring performance and monitoring the success of their campaigns using basic indicators such as money raised and number of beneficiaries. However, nonprofit business analysis software can transform these simple measures into detailed and valuable information revealing more about the donors themselves and the broader patterns of donations.

Key benefits for nonprofits

Identifying key factors that drive contributions as well as gaining a more detailed insight into the relationships that lead to repeated or ongoing donations can make all the difference when choosing how to move forward in a campaign. Similarly, tools for measuring the effectiveness of services provided in terms of both benefits and costs and the ability to keep donors updated on the impact of their donations will help to engage donors and provide key information for future campaigns. Harnessing the benefits of nonprofit software can make all of this a possibility for NGOs of any size.

Nonprofit software on the market

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a nonprofit solution that recognizes the need for nonprofits to spend as little as possible on one-off software purchases and in-house IT. The package comes with regular CRM as well as nonprofit business analysis functions allowing organizations to effectively manage donations, pledges, campaigns and basic membership through efficiently integrated systems. What’s more, the package is provided as a per-user service through cloud computing technology avoiding the need for expensive software purchases.

A great option for nonprofits seeking to maximize the benefits of nonprofit business analysis in their organizations!

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