Increasing Supply Chain Visibility Through Supplementry ERP Software

Increasing Supply Chain Visibility Through ERP Software

Do you stress about having a salient supply chain? Learn how to skyrocket to the next level with services and programs optimized for supplementing your ERP system. Efficiency along the way includes organizing orders using updated technology and forecasting foul fuel management. Tweak every step along your supply chain in order to improve functionality so your system will run like a well-oiled machine.

Consider the Cloud for Data Collection Systems

Not every data collection system is created equal. After all, every ERP system is as individualized as the business operation it serves. Transform your data collection operation from a cookie cutter contrivance into an economical and expedient system. When shopping for a data collection system, don’t be afraid to ask the experts for advice. Also, scout out ready-made systems to determine which aspects would best benefit your business. Take your research and create an out-of-the-box collection system tailored to your needs.

Consider how the cloud can work for you, such as for unlimited bandwidth and expansive storage. Yet, the priority for any ERP system when using the cloud should be the ability to network on the fly. The cloud allows you to share and access data with anyone in your network, from providers to drivers, with secure simplicity.

Manage Your Flabby Fuel Costs with Monitoring

A hot topic for ERP systems is the ability to maximize efficiency and revenue. A top contender with this contingency that stands to chink the supply chain? Ever increasing fuel costs. Qualcomm explores the leading cause of exorbitant fuel costs—hapless driving habits. Give your supply chain planning a boost by encouraging corrective behaviors for the drivers transporting your goods. Implement software that will monitor drivers’ driving and vehicle performance, and use this to identify weak drivers in the field. Alternatively, take the less abrasive road by utilizing software to determine fuel-efficient routes. Analyze your drivers’ fuel intake and performance so you can provide reports to drivers that will help them work on their weaknesses. By incorporating driver monitoring software, you can serve your ERP system well by streamlining your supply chain.

Travel Along the Amber Road: International Trade Management

Whether you’re interested in going global or you’re already a globalization guru, international trade management solutions will serve your needs. Given the thousands of hoops you must jump through in order to ship across international boundaries, finding a professional trade management solution is essential. Save yourself a lot of aggravation by hiring a global trade management team, such as Amber Road, to negotiate networks overseas. From customs entry management to broker integration, a global trade manager will maintain your supply chain through experience in dealing with multiple countries and international logistics firms.

Benefits of Increased Visibility

  • Avoid interruptions due to Mother Nature; withstand weather worries by having a solid logistics operation in place.
  • Deal with labor disputes, since you are ahead of the game in terms of awareness, and thereby more flexible with finding a solution in your network of providers.
  • Stay abreast with infrastructure issues and maintain alternative routes for transportation.
  • Expand your reach globally while maintaining integrity and professionalism; avoid critical errors and time-wasting issues by incorporating a global management system.
  • Stay on schedule by streamlining deliveries among providers and suppliers to prevent lag in your ERP system.

Putting the right measures into place will help you avoid stressing about your supply chain efficiency. Trust the people around you to work within the system you set up, and you’ll see an increase in profits in no time.

Author BioDanielle is a marketing student at the Kelley School of Business. Her interests include consumer behavior, marketing research, and supply chain management. 

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