Improving Customer Relations withTwitter

One of the major social networking websites is Twitter and more companies are taking advantage of it to promote their business and generate brand awareness. If you have not tapped into this remarkable resource to build relationships with your customers yet, you probably should.

Learn how to provide service and support through Twitter and utilize it to improve your customer relations. Win over complaining customers and care for the faithful ones by providing concise and immediate responses to them via this social media channel.

Why Customer Relations is important?

Keeping your customers happy is a main goal for any business looking to thrive. The good thing about customer relations is that it is all about ensuring customer satisfaction with a company’s products and services.

Customer Relationship Management is an integral part of any business because it is an efficient system to maintain and create relationships with customers. This approach helps recognize the needs of the customers and addresses them with solutions they are happy with. For this reason, companies invest in it to improve their personal links with each of their customers in ways favorable to both parties.

How can Twitter improve customer relations?

Speediness of response is imperative to any customer query. Twitter is a perfect tool to get to your customers’ needs right away. Because you receive customer concerns through Twitter immediately, you can address them immediately. Prompt responses are appreciated by customers and will help establish good relationships with them.

Take Citibank for example. They acknowledged that dialling their 800-number can be tedious and that a growing number of young customers are using social media to air out their concerns with regard to their products and services. Therefore, they created a third-party application called “LivePerson”—a partnership with LivePerson chat integration, an online engagement solution that assists chats within Twitter—to reach customers without compromising security. They have carefully devised a way to reach their customers via Twitter and redirect them to Citibank’s website to address their concerns in a more detailed discussion. Because of this approach, more interactions with customers were resolved by Citibank.

Qatar Airways also takes advantage of Twitter to provide quality customer service. They use Twitter to respond to customer concerns, such as travel date eligibility, solve complaints, and answer basic questions like how to increase air miles. Because of their active interaction with their customers and remarkable customer service both online and offline, Qatar Airways was declared World’s Best Airline in 2012 by the World Airline Awards, based on a passenger satisfaction survey conducted across 200 airlines.

So how can you maximize Twitter to improve your customer relations? Here are five tips for you to follow…

1. Create an exclusive Twitter account for your company’s customer support.

Let your customers know that you have a Twitter account solely devoted to answering their queries. Encourage them to follow this account if they want a more immediate reply to their concerns. If the response requires an elaborate explanation, then send a direct message to the customer. Otherwise, you may reply straight away to your customer.

2. Mention customers in your advice.

Refer to your customer using “@” mentions when answering their concerns for them to receive an instant update through their news feed.  Since it is published publicly yet cites the author, it could also answer other customers who have the same question.

3. Tweet helpful tips and practical resolutions.

Like most companies, you probably have at least a top ten list of the most frequently asked questions. Do not wait for a customer to ask and instead be proactive in providing advice on certain issues.

4. Provide re-tweet-able recommendations.

Good support is one which can empower customers to help other customers. Because you share important information about particular issues people may encounter with your product or service, your customers can retweet the advice to their followers who may also be your customers, but are not yet aware of your company’s customer support presence onTwitter.

Also retweet customers if they compliment you for the product they purchased or the assistance they’ve had. This shows that you value their comments and exhibits your eagerness to address their needs.

5. Seek customer feedback.

Maximize your Twitter account to survey about what your customers think of the latest product you have or comment about existing items or services that may need some improvements. Make it friendly and allow customers to be open. Acknowledge their feelings and guarantee them that your company is doing something about it. Customers like it when their opinions are recognized.

Caring for customers by building strong relations secures the success of your business. Create an atmosphere where they will feel comfortable voicing their concerns and assure them customer satisfaction by providing immediate feedback through Twitter.

Author Bio+Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, a holder of a Certificate IV in project Management Brisbane from Upskilled Australia  and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion for aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.

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