How to Improve Overall Project Communication

Regardless of project size, scope or complexity, one of the most important elements to ensure success is project communication. Good communication requires a developed set of skills and techniques used to inspire, delegate lead and keep project participants informed.

In addition, the use of technology to foster improved communication has become more prevalent and has had a measurable impact on project cost and performance. Microsoft SharePoint is a solution that has many uses and can help to eliminate communication gaps throughout the project team, thereby optimizing the team’s performance.

Communication & Collaboration Hurdles

Utilizing the latest technology is not a new concept when it comes to project communication. However, many of the technologies available today are very complex and/or specialized. These issues cause problems with overall project delivery, thereby showing that efficient project communication is not as easy as it seems. Challenges such as poor document management, inefficient project communication and ineffective project collaboration directly impact project resource productivity.

SharePoint for Organization and Efficiency

Microsoft SharePoint has provided us with project communication efficiencies that were previously not achievable without it. In addition to saving valuable time during our projects, SharePoint has allowed us to:

  • More accurately track project information such as documents, calendars and contacts.
  • Track and itemize specific project issues and their risks.
  • Use other integrated Microsoft applications such as Word, Outlook, Excel and Project.
  • Better manage project change control,

Central Repository for Information

Through the use of Microsoft SharePoint, we have been able to provide a central repository of information for our entire project team and greatly improve project communication. The project manager must have the ability to provide an avenue for project communication to encourage an open dialogue and give the project team the information they need to properly do their jobs.

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