Do Professional Services Firms Need CRM?

CRM for Professional Services

CRM for Professional Service Firms

Regardless of what type of service your organization provides, there are certain elements of that service that are always consistent:  your organization delivers experience, expertise (often industry-focused) and guidance that your clients can’t pack up in a bag and take home with them.

With these unique characteristics come unique challenges. Deploying an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help to overcome these specific challenges that all professional service firms face:

Managing Extended Sales Cycles

One of the most important steps for a professional service firm is building trust with a client.  This does not happen overnight and, consequently, can lengthen the sales process significantly.  A good CRM system has functionality for keeping in regular contact with prospects with nurture campaigns such as newsletters, special offers, white papers and other relevant information. With each touch, the trust level builds a little more until the prospect is ready to engage with you for serious discussions about your service offerings.

Access for Your Entire Team

Most professional service organizations have several team members involved as needed throughout the sales process. Each staff member wears multiple hats and is asked to pitch in when their assistance is required. To give them all the access they need to update client and prospect information, your organization should utilize a CRM system that is easy-to-use and allows everyone to enter information quickly and easily. A familiar user interface such as with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is especially helpful in reducing errors and cutting down on the learning curve for your staff.

Maintaining Client Information and History

Knowing and maintaining the latest information on your clients business is your most valuable asset. Understanding your clients’ challenges and needs you deliver the services and support required to keep them a happy and loyal client. Your CRM system must provide the ability to capture and track all activities and information relating to your clients. This central repository of information provides insurance for your organization in case a staff member leaves, and can help your new employees get up to speed quickly without disturbing the client.

A Solution to Fit your Organization’s Needs

Professional services firms need a CRM solution that fits the way they run their business.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is an industry-leading CRM solution that delivers the benefits your organization needs and the functionality you can’t do without. Contact BroadPoint Technologies, the mid-Atlantic’s largest Dynamics reseller, to discuss your organization’s specific requirements.

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