Revolutionizing Construction: Tablets Will Change The Way Business Is Done

Can you recall a time before Engineers and Architects had AutoCAD? Productivity was different back then. Projects took enormous amounts of time, and face to face meetings needed to be conducted so that designs could be agreed upon. But with the digital exchange of information, inefficiencies were eradicated. Architects and Engineers where completing their part of the construction project quicker than ever before. And this is where the efficiencies end.

The next step after the design stage is the actual construction and a multitude of blueprints need to be printed for hand off to the construction team to complete the project. In the past, if software existed to aide in construction management, the laptops were not portable enough for the field and battery life proved to be another problem. Construction productivity stayed stagnant for decades. More projects were being designed than even before, but the crews that were building them were using the technology of the past.

Then everything changed.

Tablets that were portable and strong enough to use in the field came to market. Although the adoption of this technology is in its early phase, a vision for the future of construction management can already begin to take shape. No longer are construction teams going to be forced to go through piles and piles of paper blueprints. Tablets have paved the way for a new paperless way of building.

The files already exist in the digital format, so there’s no reason to print them when you don’t need to. They can be loaded up on a tablet, be it an iPad or an Android, and viewed by the construction teams as they please. Redesigns that need to be made in the field can be approved by the architect quicker and the whole construction phase will undoubtedly speed up.

Tablets really are the newest technology in construction innovation and the industry that has remained behind is now getting attention like never before. Software specifically designed for construction companies to use on tablets is sure to make the work day much easier.

Do you work in construction? Are you as excited as us about the direction that things are heading in? Let us know in the comments!

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