Big Data and the Demand for IT Solutions

Big Data storage

From large corporations to non-profit organizations, big data has become a real problem. Big Data will continue to be a burden on everyone so long as we wish to hold on to our past. There is however, an upside; big data drives demand for IT solutions and tech startups.

Big Data Solutions

The data we generate has to go somewhere, right? Generally, it is stored inside Tier III or Tier IV data centers; out of sight, out of mind. Fact is, the one’s who are able to quickly access and analyze big data stand to profit greatly. Big data analytic tools can help a company identify trends as well as measure the impact a product will have on a consumer market.

The biotech industry is thriving for this reason as every Genome sequence they document generates a sizable amount of data. It’s just that most companies do not have the IT infrastructure at their disposal to quickly access this information in order to move forward with their research. The technology is out there and most Tier III or Tier IV data centers are equipped to handle big data but the challenge still remains; big data solutions are needed across the entire eco-system of data center and IT infrastructure space.

Moving Forward

Years ago, the x86 platform (a storage architecture designed to support large amounts of data) revolutionized the way vendors improved storage at the enterprise level. Today, that architecture has evolved to encompass the cloud and new technologies aimed at simplifying the management of big data. Though research suggests that few companies are taking advantage of big data analytics tools; many organizations cite cost as a determining factor.

Perhaps what they fail to realize is the significant insight and impact big data solutions stand to have on their respective organizations. So what’s the take-away from all this? Big Data is driving a whole generation of tech startups and will continue to clog up our data centers into the foreseeable future. Those who create solutions stand to profit greatly. More importantly, technology associated with the management and analysis of big data has to come down in price; otherwise the trend will be slow to catch on, especially amongst SMBs (small to medium sized businesses). Big data can be utilized in a productive way so long as organizations begin to see it that way. Big data doesn’t have to be a burden.

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