A Guide to Buying Software That Will Scale with Your Business

As your business begins to grow and keeps growing you will encounter many strategic decisions that will need to be made in order to sustain that growth. One of those strategic decisions will be selecting the right technology for your business that will handle today’s operations and also give you the platform to grow and sustain at a much higher level.

Business growth can happen in a lot of different areas both internally and externally. You may experience increasing numbers of employees, customers or vendors. You may be:

  • Launching new product or service lines;
  • Expanding geographically;
  • Seeing increased transactions by sales and purchasing.

Regardless of where that growth is coming from it will have significant implications for your business management software. You need to be sure you have a system that allows you to grow your business with confidence!

Building a Foundation for Scalability

System scalability, processing speed, ease of use, and interface with office productivity tools are all important criteria to consider when selecting a new business management system. The foundation for a new system should not be overlooked.

The operating system, the database, and the architecture design of the product are all critical factors to consider. For example, Microsoft Windows Server, Windows Desktop operating systems, and Microsoft SQL Server have high-volume transaction-processing capabilities at a lower cost of ownership.

Failure to Scale Can Hurt You Where it Counts

Over time you can accumulate massive amounts of data in a single database. That data can grow exponentially as your business grows. It plays a crucial role in making smart and timely business decisions.

If you don’t have a system in place to address business growth, you can end up bogging down your ability to process transactions. This can lead to more costly issues like poor customer service or increased inventory; both of which have a significant impact on your bottom line and ability to continue growing.

Let’s look at a few real-life examples and how they can impact your business if you don’t have sufficient technology applications in place for your growing business.

Customer Service

Prompt and accurate information are two critical elements to great customer service. Nothing is more frustrating than to have to ask a customer to wait because your systems are slow. The customer can easily take their business elsewhere.

The ability to process customer orders efficiently can make or break a business. Having the right system in place can help eliminate these things from happening. Having the ability to quickly fill a customer’s request will drive higher customer loyalty and increase retention which leads to more repeat sales and growth.

Optimizing Inventory

If you’re a product-driven business, inventory is a big investment for you. It’s a complex balancing act. Too much inventory inflates overhead, consumes cash and drains profits. Too little inventory can send your customers directly to your competitors.

Increased inventory transactions can dramatically increase your transaction volumes because both sales and purchasing transactions are being impacted. Having a system in place to effectively manage these scenarios can truly be a make or break decision for your business.

Employee Satisfaction

Your people are critical to the success of your business. The ability to meet their needs for pay, benefits, culture, etc. will have a direct impact on how they treat your customers, stakeholders and vendors. Having systems that allow them to do their job in an effective and efficient manner will help enable them and allow them to do the best in their job with the time available.

Slow or inaccurate systems can create frustrations and a negative work environment. This negativity can easily be passed on to your customers or vendors. It can also create high turnover in your organization which can also have negative impacts on your business.

Make an Educated Decision

As you can see, business growth without a scalable and sustainable business management system can impact your business in multiple areas. So as you explore options to replace the existing system you are outgrowing, please give careful consideration to these key points. Make sure you select a reputable business partner that has experience and references for working with growing companies and helping them leverage technology to facilitate their growth.

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